Fitting the pieces together

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Why should someone with an impairment be referred to an employment specialist?

Employment specialists who know about the local employment market and who are knowledgeable about and experienced in assisting disabled people and those with a long term health conditions, aim to match the two in finding suitable positions for people.   From the point of view of a business or organisation, employing somebody with an impairment is in most respects little different from employing anybody else.  However, it can help if there is an experienced intermediary involved who can smooth over any difficulties.  They will have in-depth knowledge of the impairments themselves and be familiar with relevant social security benefits, and the legal background on employment, diversity and discrimination,.

How do I refer someone to a local employment service?

Some local services accept self-referrals, while others take referrals through intermediaries.  Use the links on the Finding work page to confirm arrangements. 

When accessing a service, are there any problems which can occur with sources of funding, such as joint funding?

Occasionally there may be restrictions on accessing more than one service from  the same funding stream e.g. European Social Fund, but this is unusual and will be stated quite clearly if it is a potential issue.