Back2Base helps people with learning difficulties, mental health problems and disabilities find paid employment. We believe that with the right support everyone can have a paid job. 

What We Do 

  • We work with you to identify your skills and help you find suitable employment. We can also support you and your colleagues when you are working. Everyone on the programme will be given a named support worker, and support will be tailored to the individual. 
    • Individual focus – identifying aspirations and talents 
    • Long-term commitment - ongoing support at work 
    • Adaptable support - your needs are considered 
    • Social inclusion - you will be fully integrated with your colleagues 
    • Community employers - jobs with ordinary employers 
    • Worthwhile jobs - jobs are real and valued by the company 
    • Terms of employment - equal wages, working conditions, promotion possibilities and general terms of employment 

    We will help with funding applications of any sort including ‘Access to Work’ and workplace adaptations. 

Who We Can Help 

To take part in the programme, you will need to fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Be aged over 18 
  • Be living in Buckinghamshire (not Milton Keynes) 

The programme is open to people will any disabilityYou need to be able to work and travel independently, although support is provided to enable you to achieve this. 

Contact Us

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