Bucks College Group: Supported Internship Programme

Bucks College Group: Supported Internship Programme 

This course will prepare students to enter the world of work and become independent, reliable and competent employees. 

What We Do 

We support students with developing the necessary skills for employment and accessing, and succeeding in, an internship. This will allow them to develop their employability skills with the aspiration of maintaining the role as a permanent post or developing skills which support identification of employment following the internship. 

The Supported Internship programme runs at Bucks College Group’s Amersham and Aylesbury campuses. The programme lasts 36 weeks, with the following structure: 

  • 1st term - 3 days a week at College.  
  • 2nd term - 2 days a week at College and 1 day in work placement.  
  • 3rd term - 1 day a week at College and 2 days in work placement. 

Students will complete accredited Employability, English and Maths qualifications. Further modules will involve developing skills for employability such as interview skills, timekeeping, independent travel, teamwork and rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Not all courses are offered at each site, and sites may be subject to change depending on available facilities and application numbers. 

Small cohorts offer experience of mixing in groups and practising interpersonal communication skills. The College also provides a Counselling service available to any registered student. 

As a Further Education College Bucks College Group can work with students and their families to explore eligibility for a range of financial support packages including student bursaries. The College is also able to apply for Access to Work funding for eligible participants on the Supported Internship programme. 

Who We Can Help 

The Supported Internship programme is designed as a stepping stone from previous 16+ courses, and as such, there is an expectation that students will already have experienced travel training and will have studied maths and English. To take part in the programme, you will need to fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Be aged 18-25 
  • Have never been employed 
  • Live in Buckinghamshire (not Milton Keynes) 
  • Have entry level 3 English and Maths 
  • Be able to travel independently 
  • Have an Education, Health & Care Plan  

All applicants are assessed through an interview with the College prior to entry to ensure that they are enrolled to the most appropriate level and course.  

Find out more at: https://www.buckscollegegroup.ac.uk/foundation-learning/1555-supported-internship-programme

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